Getting Social With Pro Bono Work

Getting Social With Pro Bono Work

Getting Social With Pro Bono Work 150 150 LegalEase Solutions

When you’re one of millions of Americans living with a disability, a legal issue is the last thing you need. Sophie Rosado of The Rosado Law Firm, L.L.C. is the hero that people with disabilities can count on.

This big-hearted New Orleans attorney has a flourishing law office, where she specializes in civil, disability, and succession cases. That’s not all though! Rosado goes one step further and provides pro bono work around Louisiana and the rest of the United States for people who are in need of her expertise.

Teaming up with The ProBono Project, Rosado volunteers a bulk of her time at her local court house. She represents clients who otherwise cannot afford the costs of cases in various areas of law.

Social Security disability cases are close to Rosado’s heart. She deals in cases both for adults and children. In fact, she’s one of the select few attorneys in her area to practice children’s cases for disability! Rosado goes above and beyond her work, and has even managed to win disability cases for homeless clients, helping them get off the streets.

The pro bono work Rosado has been doing since 2015 has been recognized and awarded by the State Bar of Louisiana, Loyola University New Orleans College of Law, and The ProBono Project. She has received recognition for her exemplary pro bono work, and has racked over 200 hours of pro bono work (and counting) for hundreds of clients nationwide.

Clients consistently attest to her diligence, thoroughness, and dedication to cases. All of her clients state that Rosado is both professional and entirely invested in each case. They mention that she is selfless and understanding, traits that speak volumes about this caring lawyer. These are traits that have backed her journey in pro bono work, assisting clients.

For more information about Sophie Rosado and her pro bono work, visit The Rosado Law Firm L.L.C.’s website.

The Rosado Law Firm, L.L.C.

P. O. Box 641887

Kenner, Louisiana 70064
Phone: (504) 534-5494

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