Domestic Violence Isn’t a Domestic Issue

Domestic Violence Isn’t a Domestic Issue

Domestic Violence Isn’t a Domestic Issue 150 150 LegalEase Solutions

It has not been easy though but we are pulling through.

-Oluyemi Orija

Headfort Chambers law firm in Nigeria stands apart from the rest in the locality. Attorney Oluyemi Orija started the firm with the sole intent to represent the weak and downtrodden. Orija’s main focus is doing pro bono work for victims of human trafficking, domestic violence, and assault.

When we got in touch with Orija, she mentioned that domestic violence is seen as a family problem and not a legal one in her community. Domestic violence is swept under the rug, which makes speaking up, filing a report, or fighting a legal battle virtually impossible. Thankfully, Orija and the team at Headfort Chambers reach out to women caught in the crosshairs, and stand by them from start to finish (which almost always results in a win). Working along with local law enforcement and NGOs allows the attorneys greater insight into each individual case, and helps build a rapport with the client.

Domestic violence cases aren’t the only mainstay for Orija and Headfort Chambers law firm. They also serve inmates awaiting trial without representation. Headfort Chambers has assisted many inmates who can’t afford to pay legal fees by covering the entire expense. Orija and her team personally go down to the prisons their clients are held at, to ensure they receive representation, bail, and a fair trial.

To be able to commit to, and carry on with pro bono work, Headfort Chambers takes on regular cases that fall under their practice area. These cases are paid for by clients who can afford the reasonable rates. The money received from regular casework is what drives the very integral pro bono section of Orija’s firm.

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