Big Law Office Creates Legal Pro Bono Tech

Big Law Office Creates Legal Pro Bono Tech

Big Law Office Creates Legal Pro Bono Tech 150 150 LegalEase Solutions

Big Law Office Creates Legal Pro Bono Tech

The sixth largest law office in the United States [1] collaborated with Paladin workflow platform providers to create a legal software specifically for pro bono work. The aim was to make a product that would connect pro bono attorneys with opportunities, and eliminate the need for them to scout around for them.

Dentons law firm, the world’s largest law firm by number of lawyers and the 8th largest by revenue, continually seeks to engage in pro bono work. With the new technology in place, lawyers can avoid the strenuous hunt for pro bono work and get right down to business. In the past, pro bono work went through a funnel and was filtered out to a single lawyer. The lawyer may not have had the bandwidth or time to focus on a pro bono case, which would ultimately result in the project getting lost in the noise.

Paladin and Dentons teamed up [2] to redesign the new technology for law firms as opposed to in-house counsel, which the software was initially created for. This tech platform provides lawyers easy and instant access to a wide range of pro bono work available to them and all the details related to the cases they are interested in. Before this, lawyers had to wait for pro bono work to present itself, but the new technology promises to change that approach.

According to Benjamin Weinberg, a U.S.-based Dentons partner, “The Paladin system envisions a multipronged approach to reaching people who have developed expertise and passions as well as those who don’t have that yet. Harnessing technology to advance the efficiency and effectiveness of pro bono work is very much at the forefront of a movement that is going on around the world with respect to law firm pro bono work, but also with respect to volunteerism.”

The pilot of the product is set to be rolled out in three of Dentons’ offices during fall this year.



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