Aging Gracefully With Pro Bono

Aging Gracefully With Pro Bono

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Aging Gracefully With Pro Bono

It’s hard enough to gain access to justice when you’re able-bodied and younger. Add old age to the mix, and you could have the perfect potential recipe for disaster. Which is why, the SeniorLAWCenter [1] strives to protect the legal rights and interests of the elderly. They’re based in Philadelphia, and have teamed up with the AARP to link deserving senior citizens in the city with pro bono attorneys. The attorneys will cover a myriad of practice areas such as elder abuse and neglect, veterans’ law, and guardianship by grandparents that face many challenges such as poverty.

Age-wise, Pennsylvania is the fourth “oldest state” and has the biggest number of senior citizens– and poverty. SeniorLAWCenter has provided access to justice for many homes across Philadelphia for almost 40 years. Almost 400,000 senior citizens have been aided by the SeniorLAWCenter, through legal representation, education, and advocacy. [2]

The AARP is the largest non-profit organization to support communities and provide families with the assistance they require, whether that’s through health care security, employment provision, or legal services.

Together, the SeniorLAWCenter and the AARP are teaming up to provide senior citizens in Philadelphia the chance to be partnered up with professional and quality pro bono attorneys. These groups of attorneys will fight on behalf of senior citizens to get them the justice they deserve – completely pro bono. [3]




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