Pro Bono Helping Families Rest Easier at Night

Pro Bono Helping Families Rest Easier at Night

Pro Bono Helping Families Rest Easier at Night 5471 3647 LegalEase Solutions

In a country where defendants in criminal cases are automatically assigned a lawyer due to the Sixth Amendment, it’s a shame that family law cases don’t share the same right. [1] Many families struggle to get around the confusing world of law without a lawyer by their side. All is not lost, though, as pro bono lawyers seek to provide families that can’t afford cases, or don’t know how to navigate the legal system, a chance to get the legal aid they require.

Lawyers with a commitment to making access to justice a fundamental right for deserving families in Montana have banded together to form a legal pro bono body just for family law issues. Cascade County in particular has an astute group of lawyers defending the rights of people mired in child custody and family law cases. [2]

In an article by the Great Falls Tribune, District Judge John W. Parker shares his views on carrying out pro bono work for family law cases. It is the social and moral obligation upon lawyers to provide legal aid for lawyer-less families lost and confused in the dizzying world of law. Oftentimes, it boils down to the security of children caught in the middle of difficult custody cases. Who looks out for them? It’s the unsung heroes who put their paying jobs on hold for just a moment to help a family sleep a little easier at night.

It’s the selfless work of attorneys at organizations like the Cascade County Law Clinic, [3] or those affiliated with the Montana State Bar Association who have risen up to the challenge facing hundreds of families in their community. [4] The CCLC has a focus on providing free legal clinics for families at the poverty line. Private attorneys will offer them legal aid in matters like family law, tenancy, and other similar cases. There are even unique co-parenting classes to coach newly divorced parents on their new arrangements, keeping the interests of their precious children in mind.

Lawyers both new, and veterans with over years of experience, and distinguished members of their fields come together to support families needing assistance with family law issues. The communities of Montana are a better place with these great attorneys! 




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