Positive Corporate Culture is Key to Growth

Positive Corporate Culture is Key to Growth

Positive Corporate Culture is Key to Growth 385 514 LegalEase Solutions

We were taught as kids to always try to do the right thing even when difficult or when no one is watching. That desire to do good resonates within the corporate/business world as well. Many companies strive to live by a set of values focused on doing right by their customers, employees, shareholders and the community at large.  A company’s commitment to a set of values or guiding principles is often reflected in its corporate culture. A positive corporate culture is not motivated solely by altruism, but increasingly, corporate leaders are realizing that it makes good business sense as well. A commitment to higher values often translates into a stronger company and happier employees.

A recent study by FTSE Russell looked at companies listed in Fortunes “100 Best Companies to Work for” and found that these companies on average performed three times better on the stock market than their competitors.  Some of the distinguishing characteristics of the featured companies were their commitment to positive company cultures that emphasized values such as diversity, teamwork, respect, and integrity.

The Global Work Human Research Institute surveyed 23,000 employees globally and identified a positive work culture based on five factors: belonging, purpose, achievement, happiness and vigor.  The study found that the higher the score on each of the five factors, the more likely that employees would stay longer at a job and improve overall performance, which tied into the company’s overall performance.

Two years ago, LegalEase Solutions launched a company-wide initiative to encourage our team members to give back to their communities.  Our employees have helped make and serve hundreds of meals at soup kitchens in Detroit and Ann Arbor, sort food items at local food pantries, visited nursing homes and provided countless hours to volunteer boards, pro-bono efforts, sponsored refugee families and more.  This commitment to our community has made LegalEase a better place to work, and not surprisingly, has coincided with the growth of the company.

On April 22, 2017, LegalEase helped sponsor the  Salvation Army William Booth Legal Aid Clinic’s 5th Annual Walk for Justice Fundraiser.  The legal aid clinic addresses over 2,000 legal issues per year and assists the most vulnerable members of our society including issues relating to homelessness, domestic violence, child abuse, consumer advocacy and issues relating to the needs of US military veterans.

By getting out into the community and contributing to noble causes outside the office, research shows that companies can both positively impact their community as well as their own corporate culture and profitability.

Tariq Hafeez, Esq.

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