Crafting PurpleHat

Crafting PurpleHat

Crafting PurpleHat 150 150 LegalEase Solutions

We donned PurpleHat as part of our CSR program here at LegalEase in 2015! Like, literally. A star attorney here at LegalEase picked up a purple hat to wear as part of a soup kitchen community service project. That’s when PurpleHat was born, and bridges built between attorneys and worthy causes calling out to us around the world.

Since that soup kitchen stint, we’ve been serving our local and global communities. What started out as an impromptu day serving a local Ann Arbor soup kitchen laid the groundwork for a worldwide outreach program.

Our goal, when we started PurpleHat, was to connect our attorneys with deserving causes locally and worldwide. It didn’t take long for us to collaborate with other attorneys across the world, and give back to our communities. Over the years, we’ve helped out at places that need a hand. So far, that’s included volunteering at a school for underprivileged children, soup kitchens, or offering our legal services pro bono.

Keep checking out this space for updates, news, and more exciting content about PurpleHat! Find out what you can do for PurpleHat, or what PurpleHat can do for you.

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