Pro Bono Lawyers and the Environment?

Pro Bono Lawyers and the Environment?

Pro Bono Lawyers and the Environment? 150 150 LegalEase Solutions

“As state attorneys general, we are committed to reducing carbon emissions and advancing the clean energy transition of our economy alongside partners in state and local government, business, and the non-profit sector across the country.”

-Coalition of State Attorneys General at the Global Climate Action Summit, 2018

In a ground-breaking move on September 14th 2018, at the Global Climate Action Summit [1], 9 Big Law offices committed to donating $15,000,000 collectively towards advancing sustainability through pro bono work over the next two years, by 2020.

The project is “Lawyers for a Sustainable Economy” and carries forward the work of late attorney Nancy McFadden, environmental activist and former chief of staff to California Governor Jerry Brown. [2]

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra applauded the project, which seeks to provide free legal aid to non-profit organizations and businesses that engage in climate and sustainability issues. These efforts include energy, transportation, and land use.

The body of state attorneys general also expressed their wish to stay committed to the Paris Climate Change Agreement. This campaign was created with the intent to reduce carbon emissions, and further the clean energy transition the economy. State attorneys general, governors, mayors, and other officials across the country pledged to commit to the cause.



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